West Brunswick

The owners of this Edwardian residence were initially seeking some simple interior alterations to create stronger adjacencies within the existing, convoluted layout of this north facing dwelling. Studio May came on board at the inception of a project brief that was somewhat uncertain and needing strategic input. We presented the client with a more substantial concept to invert and open up the back of the home to the northern light and aspect, repositioning the living area whilst tweaking the existing planning to rationalise the flow of spaces and create larger brighter bathrooms and bedrooms. As the brief developed so too did the trust of the clients and the design evolved into a beautiful new addition opening up this site to a lovely light filled backyard. Being an alteration & addition to a period home, this was a project that recognised the importance of interiors therefore budget was channelled towards a bespoke fitout with careful consideration of the user experience. The joinery to the rear extension was carefully detailed to achieve a feeling of quality and proportion within an open plan environment, as the kitchen/dining space forms the backdrop to the main living area. A walk-in pantry creates a discreet work area allowing the kitchen to remain free of clutter. Working closely with Neverstop Group, Studio May successfully work-shopped key design details including customized cork flooring and concrete basins. An elliptical travertine and walnut dining table forms a focal point of the kitchen and begins a theme for a series of bespoke joinery items throughout the house. Cork lining to drawers and cabinet interiors lift the joinery to an elevated level of refinement.
A time resilient palette was selected for the owners seeking classic style with warmth and texture being key drivers in the careful selection of materials. Taking advantage of the high ceilings, the new extension sits neatly against the existing house where many of the original details were preserved. Large operable lift and slide doors allow seamless flow between outside/ inside with a new pergola over the entertaining area framing the architecture with a green canopy. This project was the result of a harmonious and close working relationship between builder/ client and designer to achieve a modest but beautiful light filled home.


Derek Swalwell
We are passionate aboutcreating crafted andenduring spaces that makeway for special moments ofdelight in the detail.