BGH Capital Expansion

The second phase of this unique corporate fitout extended the existing amenity to cover 1500m2 of premium building floor plate making the most of peak panoramic views of the city scape. The clients core business values of professionalism and trust are reflected throughout the built environment in a warm, timeless and sophisticated manner.

The design is divided into two halves: the front of house client spaces and the office areas that unfold and transition around the building core. A veil-like timber screen talks to the business branding and is used as a design tool to guide and transition between open and private spaces;- shifting between semi permeable (opening up onto staff spaces) and a more solidified, profiled wall cladding (closing down to private meeting and support areas).

A large reception sits directly off the main lobby and anchors two meeting suites/ wings, one at each end accommodating multiple parties of clients. The highly bespoke reception desk is designed to read as a piece of sculpture, the vertical rebates in its travertine cladding taking cues from the profile of the undulating screens in the built environment. Front of house amenities include several large meeting and project rooms, a commercial kitchen, client WCs as well as staff rec space with supporting wet areas, custom water cooler station and lockers. Large bespoke workstations and custom storage solutions cater for staff coming out of offices into an open plan environment.

A restrained palette of natural stone, walnut timber, tan leather and warm, neutral undertones was chosen for a timeless aesthetic, the steel blue-grey accent to key details and trims picks up on the business branding tones and complements the base building palette. Classic travertine floors are coherent with the base building and assist in creating continuity and a sense of calm. Leather inlays in desks and boardroom tables and accents of aged brass in lighting and hardware talks to a hint of traditional aesthetic with contemporary detailing.


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