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This was a unique and exciting opportunity to work with a Client at the beginning of a new business venture. Having previously worked in and enjoyed premium tower 101 Collins Street, the private equity firm secured 650m2 of southern floor space accessed via a personalised corridor to appreciate panoramic views of the Melbourne city scape. Leaders in their field with an established reputation, the client core values of trust and professionalism were to echo throughout the built environment in a warm, timeless and sophisticated manner. A holistic approach to the business branding and fitout allowed for the brand vision to inform various design details and ensure integration of brand and fitout aesthetic.

The design is divided into two halves; the front of house client spaces and the office area, delineated by a semi-permeable veil-like timber screen that acts to curtain the working hub for acoustic and visual discretion. The client spaces are accessed off the arrival corridor guided by the undulating timber screen opening up onto a mixed-use lounge space and allowing for a moment of pause and skyline view before entering meeting/ board rooms. The office area is accessed via openings in the timber screen which can be closed off via large sliding panels that are discretely integrated into the screen itself. Large bespoke workstations and custom storage solutions cater for staff coming out of offices into an open plan environment to maximise floorplate efficiency whilst ensuring a generous working footprint per person.

A restrained palette of natural stone, walnut timber, tan leather and warm, neutral undertones was chosen for a timeless aesthetic, the steel blue-grey accent to key details and trims picks up on the business branding tones and complements the base building window mullions. Classic travertine floors are coherent with the 101 Collins Lobby and assist in creating continuity and a sense of calm. The clever use of mirror allows for further reflection of the views at the façade and maximises light. Leather inlays in desks and boardroom tables and accents of aged brass in lighting and hardware talks to a hint of traditional aesthetic with contemporary detailing.


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